John McCarthy is finishing two books. One has a theme about why small groups should be a core of the church. This is where a deep work of God can happen with ministry friendships as well as establishing each one’s ministry. A lot is taken from the stories of the Bible. The second one is about a process of cleansing the heart issues and how to bring in the new life of Christ. It explains in detail about what exactly needs to be done to develop a relationship with God. It will also help to show how to be a minister and an investigator of our lives. I suppose you might have found like me it could have changed your life if someone was around asking invaluable questions. This can make it easier to listen to what God is saying and to be directed by Him. From my personal experience even hearing a little from God and following through on it can be life transforming. The program suggested on the website really works! There's more to this though and that is to really get immersed in ministry. There's two types one for those who don't have faith and the body of Christ. If this seems daunting - it's not. Just spend time to listen and ask Him what to do. It's good to think about Him being far more interested in success than us. When we move He moves what God has for us He does what we can't do. It can be a breakthrough to demostrate to want the Lord to be in control of the direction of life. It means to have confidence that He has the best intentions at heart. This is escpecially shown by getting into a habit to set aside quiet moments to absorb what the Father is saying. John feels especially called to help the body of Christ to get into a routine of spiritual cleansing and to explain about God’s heart. Both books when completed will help people to see how important it is to establish a ministry with friends alongside. A void of these is what can cause many of the spiritual battles faced by God's people.

The verse below gives an idea that rest in found by doing good as the past is cleansed to bring in a wonderful life of helping.


'For thus the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has said,

“In repentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.”'

                                                                                                                        Isaiah 30:15

A personal comment:

Hi everyone in Christ! It was a surprise when I found out that writing is a big part of my service for God. I see this work to get others to be established in ministry. If you find you like the vision of where this website declares God is taking the body of Christ, then it would be good to hear from you by contacting this ministry through the website.

John McCarthy



God’s Purpose in Blessing

I’m sure it sounds really good to know that there is a shorter way in the spiritual training program to know and grow in God. In the natural a shortcut is what most people want not just to save time to reach a destination, but also to be in a better place. I believe that for many genuine Christians heaven is frustrated because they don’t ask, seek and knock for things they need in their personal lives and ministries (Matthew 7:7). Yes, sometimes it is godly to wait and is part of being spiritual to trust in the Lord. Even so, I feel, more often is the case that the Lord is asking to make things happen rather than to be prayerful and passive. That is, there is more of a cry for ‘go getters’ and not only ‘good waiters’.

When cars are traveling on narrow roads it calls for slower driving. In this way there is more time to react to dangers ahead. There is a saying that if you turn a corner too quickly you can crash. Slow progress seems to the best way to grow in God. When cars are traveling on narrow roads it calls for slower driving. In this way there is more time to react to dangers ahead. There is a saying that if you turn a corner too quickly you can crash. A steady pace works best to be inquisitive about what's going on around one's life. It allows for the for the right questions and the right response. When our will is aligned to God’s with prayer it is powerful. I feel that the Lord asks and wonders what we want. How would you answer? And do you have peace that He is in total agreement with what you are desiring? It’s a good sign when you are absolutely sure and a bad sign that you aren’t. We are made for these discoveries and hope this gets you started on a journey to find out what maybe you already know.



Finding Peace

Finding peace in the right place to sync to the right pace is one purpose for private moments with God. What I’m going to share might get you to see something that’s important to get the right setting for a spiritual life. Many believers in Christ might be ready to quote Apostle Paul that he worked for a living. What’s important to realise is that he was in self-employment and had freedom to work around working on himself to be a blessing to others. Generally speaking, I can see this category of work suiting God much better for His purposes. The exception might be to work by oneself or with others in the faith. One reason for telling you this is that there are spiritual implications not to go at the right pace suitable to God’s inner work. We should look into how this relates to two mighty men of God, David and Moses. They both worked as shepherds. This means they had a good amount of time on their own. As well as that they had a good personal connection with the person over their work: a natural father and a father-in-law.
They could manage their time suited for what God was graciously doing in their spiritual life. When this is seen to be so important it can direct prayers for personal space giving more control to one’s environment. Jesus himself needed this.
’The apostles gathered together with Jesus; and they reported to Him all that they had done and taught. 31 And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.” (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.) 32 They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves.
                                    Mark 6:30-32

It’s very important to be able to meditate by being reflective of the things the Lord has done for us, what He has been saying and what He wants to do. You might find if you slow down it can bring a calmness to help with this. It is what everyone wants, to exist in a peaceful state but it also is good ground to be ready and alert for each moment. Over all, it’s very good to know that one can continue to live in a state of calmness with God when things are tough without the ideal time to counter it. That’s what grace is for. ’